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6 Steps for Killer Startup Project Management

Posted by Infolio Productivity App on Feb 20, 2018 7:18:04 PM

When starting a new project, especially one involving multiple contributors, you want to make sure to quickly get everyone on the same page. Then you want to keep them in step as the project moves forward. To best do that, you should create some sort of a hub, a one-stop place for everything related to the project. This will become the Team Dashboard. To ensure that dashboard is always fresh and useful, you’ll want to keep communication open and content dynamically updated and shared. To support the effort and get your dashboard up and running, you need good cloud-based tools, but with so many siloed choices out there, it's often best to look for complementary tools, rather than hoping just one can get it all done. I propose you pair a strong visual collaboration tool like Infolio, with a leading communication app, e.g. Slack and follow six easy steps.

1/ Create a Visual Dashboard. Look for a great tool out there that allows to create safe cloud-based team workspaces. Try out Infolio, which emphasizes a visual workspace, this will be easiest for organization and navigation. Infolio allows you to organize all information related to a specific project or research theme on visual boards, which are easy to set up, and allow inviting team to collaborate in them.

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Startups Beware: The 5 Myths of Multitasking

Posted by Infolio Productivity App on Feb 9, 2018 7:13:47 AM

Infolio - Myths of Multitasking

As most of us know, startups require team members to play a variety of ongoing roles within barebones organizational charts. However, continually juggling more meetings, activities and tasks all at once can take a real toll on a team’s productivity. Not surprisingly that ongoing attempt to “multitask” can affect a company’s ultimate success. To take the issue head-on I want to expose the truth about five myths of multitasking and make some suggestions that should help save time, reduce mistakes, improve creativity, productivity, and even team spirit.

MYTH #1 Working in several startup roles at the same time can be effective.  In fact, when we are switching gears it often slows down productivity while increasing the chance for errors.  TRY THIS: Instead of doing unrelated things back-to-back-to-back, encourage yourself and others to first group similar activities together. Also consider assigning one priority or bigger project to each day of the week, or at least to a time of the day. In addition, remember that new technologies can allow team members to work in an asynchronous manner, so each member can now contribute in their own time. This means a project hub can be established, for instance using Infolio, and individuals can tap into the hub when they are ready to focus on that task or project.

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Multitasking Tips You Haven't Yet Tried

Posted by Infolio Productivity App on Jan 18, 2018 9:39:38 AM

I often read stories about how multitasking is a myth because concurrent processing of activities impossibly divides our attention. In fact, multitasking is simply the process of switching from one task to another, and for most people, switching gears reduces efficiency and increases the chances of error. According to the American Psychological Association, research has shown that multitasking is part of a human’s “executive control” processes and occurs in two distinct, complementary changes:

  • Goal Shifting -- When you decide you want to move to a new task
  • Rule Activation -- When you turn off prior rules and activate the rules you need for a specific new task

Theses shifts may take only seconds but can add up to loss in productivity that costs as much of 40 percent of an individual’s time.

So if multitasking for more productivity is a myth, then how does an entrepreneur or busy team member get through the day, especially in a fast paced startup environment, constantly changing hats and processing a relentless flow of information? The solution is organizing and grouping similar activities together. Nowhere is this more clear than in our digital work.

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