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Infolio Featured by Apple as #1 New Best Productivity App

Posted by Infolio Team on Jan 19, 2015 6:19:56 AM

Infolio has been featured as #1 best new productivity app on Apple's iTunes App Store. The next generation iPad app allows to organize, visualize and work with all kinds of information from one place, even offline, bringing productivity to a brand new level.


Infolio for Sales integrates data from Salesforce CRM, documents from various content management systems, cloud-based like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, or enterprise-level like Sharepoint, as well as emails, contacts, web links and more within interactive visual information boards.


With Infolio your sales team can:

  • Collect and visualize account data, marketing materials, useful stats, weblinks and more within interactive information boards
  • Prepare for multiple sales meetings within seconds, with all data available offline
  • Run engaging sales meetings with interactive content, presenting from Infolio & capturing relevant notes right within the app
  • Do account management from anywhere, with all the information automatically updated.

Download Infolio today and see how it can impact your sales productivity.


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